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By and for fans of Milani Cosmetics

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Milani Cosmetics
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Love makeup, but on a budget? Milani is a great answer to quality cosmetics at a reasonable price.

This community is a place to talk about Milani cosmetics, share ideas, and post pictures. If you have questions, ask them here and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

Please check the memories of the community for FAQ about Milani ... there is information about where to purchase Milani products, pictures, depotting instructions, as well as Milani/MAC equivalents.

Not many guidelines at this point for the community. Just a few reminders:

  • If posting pictures, please use a lj-cut.

  • No off-topic posts, please.

Swap/Sale Transactions

  • Sales and swapping posts are fine (if you have Milani to sell or swap). If you have non-Milani items, you can include them in your post behind a cut.

  • Only one sale posting by each member per week is allowed.

  • When posting sales, please name a price for your items. Posts asking for "best offer" or any auction style posts will be deleted.

  • Please finalize your swap and sales details via email. Do not post your personal information in the community.

  • After completing a swap/sale transaction, please be sure to post feedback using the tag feature (tagged as feedback).

***Be sure to check out the Milani gallery created by christyxjane***

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