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July 5th, 2008

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02:13 pm - Milani - Eyeshadows & Powders/Palettes/Blushes/Bronzer/Lipgloss/Lipsticks

Hi everyone.  I have the following eyeshadows for sale,  Shipping is based on weight and location.  I'm willing to sell the entire palette. Send me your best offers: 


L - R: The eyeshadows are $3 each. 
Row 1: Skyline, Garden Mist, (?), Shock, Flare, Sheer Sand, Moonling
Row 2: Blue Ice, Clover, Rich Chocolate, Illusion, Spice, Antique Gold, Snowfrost
Row 3: Atlantis, Limbo Lime, Java Bean, Taffy, Sun Goddess, Silver bullet, Almondine 

Milani Quads $4 each: Dream Baby, Wild Violet, Dominos, Denim Blues, Autumn Earth, Touch of Brown, Sedona Sunset, Earthly Delight


Blushes (Mineral Mai Tai/Luminous & Original Luminous) and Bronzer (Med. 4) $4 each:

Lipgloss $3 each: Whisper/Innocent/Honey Do/Sweet Lips/Coral Shimmer
Used Lipgloss $1.50 each:
Mascara: BN $4

Lipsticks $3 each Dolce Vita and Pink Chiffon:
Loose eyeshadow $5 each: 
Golden Green/Bronze Dip (2)/Firefly/Powder Puff/Fairy Dust/Powder Pink/Mint Sugar/Misty Blue

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