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This is straight from the horse's mouth.. - By and for fans of Milani Cosmetics

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July 2nd, 2007

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04:41 pm - This is straight from the horse's mouth..
Hello Tracy!

The CVS stores are planning to re-set their displays, and they are currently offering the Milani Eye Shadow Compacts that will not be included in the new display at 50% off. (All of the Milani Eye Shadows are not being offered at 50% off at CVS, it is only a few shades that are being discounted.) These shades that CVS is discontinuing will continue to be available at other outlets, or at Best Beauty On-line at www.bestbeautyonline.com.

We do have plans to introduce a new line of single Eye Shadows around the beginning of 2008. The Milani Runway Eyes Single “Baked” Eye Shadow Compacts feature a new process where none of the pigment’s original intensity is lost during manufacturing. These Eye Shadows will have more intense colors, will last longer, and have a larger net weight than the current Eye Shadow Compacts. The new Runway Eyes Single Eye Shadows will eventually replace the Eye Shadow Compacts only in the CVS Stores. The Eye Shadow Compacts will continue to be available in other outlets, and at www.bestbeautyonline.com.

Hope this helps!
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