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christy's milani gallery

July 5th, 2008

02:13 pm - Milani - Eyeshadows & Powders/Palettes/Blushes/Bronzer/Lipgloss/Lipsticks

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June 16th, 2008

11:55 am - Milani eyeshadows and palette for sale

Hi everyone.  I have the following eyeshadows for sale,  Shipping is based on weight and location.  I'm willing to sell the entire palette. Send me your best offers: 


L - R: The eyeshadows are $3 each. 
Row 1: Skyline, Garden Mist, (?), Shock, Flare, Sheer Sand, Moonling
Row 2: Blue Ice, Clover, Rich Chocolate, Illusion, Spice, Antique Gold, Snowfrost
Row 3: Atlantis, Limbo Lime, Java Bean, Taffy, Sun Goddess, Silver bullet, Almondine 

Milani Quads $4 each: Dream Baby, Wild Violet, Dominos, Denim Blues, Autumn Earth, Touch of Brown, Sedona Sunset


Blushes (Mineral Mai Tai/Luminous & Original Luminous) and Bronzer (Med. 4) $4 each:

Lipgloss $3 each: Whisper/Innocent/Honey Do/Sweet Lips/Coral Shimmer
Used Lipgloss $1.50 each:
Mascara: BN $4

Lipsticks $3 each Dolce Vita and Pink Chiffon:

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March 13th, 2008

12:10 pm - ISO
ISO Brand new or slightly used: Icy Plum, Taupe-a-ry, Evening Sky and Bronze Dip loose eyeshadow.
I'm also MsCuppCakes on makeupally, makeuptalk and specktra. My work times blocks livejournal. TIA

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August 30th, 2007

02:24 am - SALE - blush
I have the Double Impact Powder Blush in Cherries on Top for sale at my journal, along with other cosmetics - inside0ut_89

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July 2nd, 2007

04:41 pm - This is straight from the horse's mouth..
Hello Tracy!

The CVS stores are planning to re-set their displays, and they are currently offering the Milani Eye Shadow Compacts that will not be included in the new display at 50% off. (All of the Milani Eye Shadows are not being offered at 50% off at CVS, it is only a few shades that are being discounted.) These shades that CVS is discontinuing will continue to be available at other outlets, or at Best Beauty On-line at www.bestbeautyonline.com.

We do have plans to introduce a new line of single Eye Shadows around the beginning of 2008. The Milani Runway Eyes Single “Baked” Eye Shadow Compacts feature a new process where none of the pigment’s original intensity is lost during manufacturing. These Eye Shadows will have more intense colors, will last longer, and have a larger net weight than the current Eye Shadow Compacts. The new Runway Eyes Single Eye Shadows will eventually replace the Eye Shadow Compacts only in the CVS Stores. The Eye Shadow Compacts will continue to be available in other outlets, and at www.bestbeautyonline.com.

Hope this helps!
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June 29th, 2007

09:27 am - Uh-oh!
Whew! False alarm folks sorry. I called them, because they were taking too long with the email, and they said they're not DC'd, my stupid CVS may not be carrying them anymore. :/

I went to my CVS and ALL the Milani eyeshadow, and the Eyeshadow loose powder was the DC 50% off. I emailed the company hoping that they will be repackaged, not DC.

Um, there are these new Runway Dimension eyeshadow. They look REALLY cool, when I swipped my finger over the colors, the raised bars broke off, and the color was crap. It was like Covergirl eyeshadow, it was really hard and there was like ZERO color payoff. I just wanted to give people a heads up, because I like my Sun Goddess and Java Bean damnit! >:{
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June 3rd, 2007

10:17 am - color accuracy?
Hey all, can someone help me? I put 2 pics under a cut of Milani Skyline e/s. Can someone tell me which is the more color-accurate photo?

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May 28th, 2007

08:00 pm - Moving Sale in my journal:)
I've got some Milani, Jane, Elizabeth Arden, Hard Candy, Sephora, OPI, Essie, Maybelline etc... Check my feedback at MUA username karrieleigh, 119 tokens 100% positive:)

Click here to go to my sale!


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12:21 pm - (: Milani Shimmer Stripes :)
I'm selling some Milani Shimmer Stripes here!:


MUA: Whitneyone, 287 +
Ebay: Over 300 +
Mssfeedback: All +

♥ Many Thanks!! ♥


May 19th, 2007

05:01 pm - Yummmm, Milani
Hi everyone, I'm selling two Milani quads (as well as some other makeup). Please take a look!

Take me to the makeup!

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